Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hello, hello...

Hi, everyone.

I've been curious about this for a while now, and thought I'd finally give it a go.

It's the end of the day though, and I'm feeling a touch brain-fried. See, my job involves writing voice-over scripts that describe movies and TV shows for visually impaired audiences. And we've been working on Masterpiece Theatre's Jane Austen Month. Which has been great - I was really a bit young mentally/emotionally to appreciate her in school, so I'm glad to have a second exposure to her. Anyway, the stories are great, but describing the rolling hills, the long, impassioned gazes from across ballrooms, the carriages arriving at Shropvishiwestenhoopleshire Manor... all that is surprisingly tiring!

Also, I recently gave myself a minor concussion on a toilet paper dispenser. So there's that.

So I think I'll just post a short poem I wrote a while back, fill out my profile, and watch a little sumpthin-sumpthin on Netflix. Thanks for reading, and good night!

The Nomad's Refrain

Here's to saying my prayers,
And here's to knocking on wood-
By taking the path
Of least resistance,
I'll never amount to much good.


TK said...

"I recently gave myself a minor concussion on a toilet paper dispenser."

Perhaps we were separated at birth?

Anyway... always happy to read a fellow Pajibite's work.

Kolby said...

How did I know TK'd be the first Pajiban here. He's so damn nosy!

Yay for a ShinyKate blog!